5 Safety Tips for Yoga Beginners

Are you excited to start your yoga classes? You definitely should be. Yoga, unlike other forms of practice, does provide your body and mind with a lot of benefits. Today, it has grown to be quite popular, and everyone is trying it out. That aside, yoga being a form of practice needs to be done safely. Of late, there has been a lot of injuries that have occurred during yoga practice. If you are starting yoga, then below are five safety tips for yoga beginners. Follow them keenly to avoid injuries and harm.

Adopt a Beginners Mindset

The reason for the many injuries that occur during yoga is because people start with the challenging poses. You need to know that you are a beginner and nothing more. The same way you would begin a karate class by doing simple techniques is the same way you should approach yoga. Talk to your yoga instructor and don’t be afraid to tell him that it is your first time and you would like beginner yoga lessons. This will ensure that your train your body before you can advance to the challenging stuff.

Pay Keen Attention to Your Body

Unless you are enrolled for a private yoga class, then your body should be your instructor and not the yogi. You need always to pay close attention to your body at all times. When it gives you a signal that something is too intense for you, then you should stop there. Feel free to tell your instructor that a particular pose isn’t working out for you. Also, learn to take breaks but be patient. Yoga is the best thing for sore back muscles.

Do Not Compete with Anyone

Yoga isn’t a competition. Just because the girl next to you can fold her body in half, that doesn’t mean that you should do the same. We are all different. You never know who you could be sharing a yoga class with. Some could be professional gymnastic athletes. Moreover, yoga advocates for peace of mind. If you start thinking of it as a competition, then you can forget about reaping the benefits it provides. Remember, in yoga, it doesn’t matter how bad or good you are.

Look for a Yogi Who Respects Your Limits

Not all yoga instructors are professionals at what they do. Some are quacks and have no clue on what yoga entails. A good yoga teacher is one who understands that you need to challenge your body and not strain it. He/she should be able to respect your limits. Other than pushing you to do a particular pose, he/she should encourage you to challenge yourself.

Warm Up before Practise and Use Props

Warming up your muscles and joints before a yoga class minimizes the risk of injuries from ever occurring. Your body should be prepared for yoga. Also, don’t be afraid to use props. Like mentioned earlier, yoga isn’t a competition. Therefore feel free to use any set of props that will make you comfortable.

With these 5 safety tips for yoga beginners, you can confidently start your yoga classes. You should make an appointment with a specialist and discuss if there could be any medical conditions or surgeries that could be affected by yoga.